Types of Software Applications for your Nonprofit Accounting System

Nonprofit Accounting

On-Premises – This type of accounting software is considered “off-the-shelf” where you purchase the traditional box of software and install it on your computer(s) and it is run on the computer(s) hard drive or your own servers. This is still a common and viable option for some nonprofits. Many times there is a single purchase of software, and many companies charge for ongoing support and upgrades.read other article!

Hosted Solution – There is third party hosting providers that will run on maintaining the accounting software on at their remote data center. They will usually implement, help with training, and handle most upgrades and technical problems for you. Agencies no longer have to spend time and money on installing, repairing or upgrading, but will still spend on the hosting fees of the third party company.

Software as a Service (Saas) – Today, you hear a lot of people talking about “cloud computing.” Basically, this is the Software-as-a-Service model where the application is hosted by the vendor over the Internet. You don’t purchase the software directly, in most cases, and you don’t host the software (or have to worry about maintenance, repairs, or upgrades.) The nonprofit usually pays a fee per user, per month which prevents the large upfront investment like when purchasing the package. Depending on the accounting software, an agency may end paying more over several years with the SaaS model. The cloud computing software can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Which model is right for your nonprofit organization? Software-as-a-Service seems to be the wave of the future, allowing agencies to have smaller upfront costs. And it is very convenient to be able to access it from just about any computer at any location. And it’s nice not to have to worry about dealing with software implementation and upgrades. There may be less of an opportunity for customization in the SaaS model and many fear security issues when it comes to having their information and data being hosted elsewhere. Others like the ability to completely customize an On-Premises version (although the more customization, the harder it is to upgrade.)

Nonprofit Accounting

The answer for which is best is going to depend on budgets, your ability to host, your need for customization, and whether you have an IT staff or expert on hand to help out. In other words, it depends on your agency. But you have choices you need to evaluate before making a nonprofit accounting software purchase.continue reading..

Fundraiser Accounting Software

Fundraiser Accounting

What is Fundraising Software for Nonprofits?

It obviously takes money to succeed at your mission. And you understand that you need to raise money from donors.

Technology can help you do this. Many vendors provide what is called fundraising software – or, more accurately, donor management software – to help you:

Find and nurture relationships with donors
Increase the number of ways to raise money
Reduce costs
Manage fundraising events to save time
Bring in more funds
Manage grants, gifts, and donations
Track and report on donation activities

As you can see, software this powerful can help you be more accountable, more productive, and more successful at raising the funding you need to compete against all the others clamoring for cash.

For years, all fundraisers had were spreadsheets or access to a computer database (ACT!, Microsoft Access, etc.) to track donors, donations, and activities. Many still depend on these methods because they think fundraising software is too expensive or hard to learn. The fact is that there are many affordable fundraiser solutions out there that are easy to use and will not only save you time but make you more efficient while you’re doing it.

Poke around at various vendor sites and look at the benefits of the features they offer. If possible, sign up for a free trial to use the software and see if it meets your needs.

Donor Management Software Features:

Keep donor records in a database – track their names, personal info, contributions amounts and history, along with notes on what they give, why they do it, and which events did they attend (or not attend) to allow you to maintain personal relationships, visit http://www.thenonprofittimes.com/news-articles/cutting-fundraisers-doesnt-result-in-greater-efficiency/ today!

Donor communications – many programs have word processors to create direct mail and email campaigns. They may have templates to create newsletters. You can usually use their communication tools to group donors by donation levels, geographic areas, previous attendance, or anything you need to create the best correspondence
Donation tracking – use it to track individual and group donations, track matching donations, assign donations to specific programs, and create funds for specific causes

Manage your events – set up budgets, track expenses, create volunteer lists, record earnings, create event task lists, and follow up on the event with your donors. You should be able to report on the success of each event

Fundraiser Accounting


Create valuable reports – your software should easily allow you to show accountability for your fundraising initiatives, report on giving trends, determine the best time to hold an event or request donations, and give you the results you need to raise the maximum amount of funds.see it here!

Check out your fundraising software options. Play with their trials. Talk to any references you might have on the donor management systems they are using. These programs can save you time and help you raise the most money so that you can meet your goals.

Do You have Trouble with Absent Employees?

absent employee

Do you find it hard to manage absent employees? The fact that there are employees who do not report for work can cripple your business; there are also several things that you should also be aware of:read more here!

Absent employees, even a single employee who does not report for work would mean more workload for other employees. Paperwork, clients and customers assigned to an absent employee would be routed to another creating more workload, more stress and displeasure in the workplace.

Absent employees could jeopardize customer service. As employees who are present for work handle more workload, stress levels build up and affect customers indirectly. These could result in poor customer service quality, unsatisfied customers, displeasure in your products or service and certainly a plus to your competition.

Finally, absent employees cost the company more. In a busy workplace, more workload could lead to overtime, weekend shifts and six-day work weeks that could cost the business owner more.

There is a solution that could help business owner manage his employees and, of course, help his production team or workplace to get the job done in the most efficient manner. This is through the use of asset management software. This kind of software will help you with the following:

Manage your workplace even when there are people who are absent, on leave or on vacation. Large production staff could be hard to manage manually, but this software will divert work so that the load is divided equally. There is no need for overtime, added work days for the week and even to outsource work.

Create a backup plan in the event that any number of employees is absent. You can create a plan to manage workload more efficiently and to create an equal division of work in the event of an emergency.

You will be able to merge asset management software with your HR management solutions software to create a scheduling plan for peak seasons of the year. This includes making plans for holidays, holiday sales, during anniversaries and so much more; these are particular times of the year when employees usually request for leaves, vacations and have a tendency to miss work.

absent employee

You will easily merge this software with payroll services so you can accurately compensate employees for their work. This includes overtime pay, holiday pays and benefits used by each employee. Imagine doing all these manually! Now you don’t need to hire an accountant or a bookkeeper to handle all these; you can easily manage your employees with asset management software.get additional info from http://www.wvgazettemail.com/news/20160303/south-charleston-revises-employee-pay-scale-system

You will find different types of asset management software each one fitting a particular industry or business. If your business has specific asset management needs, then you must look for a tailor made HR solution that will fit through an online company. Shopping for the most efficient asset management solution must be done as soon as you can to prevent complications which could be hazardous to your business.

What Makes a Successful Payroll Bookkeeping Business?

Nearly every business or company require bookkeeping services but we are often faced with the problem of getting the right bookkeepers for our businesses. The work of bookkeeping should only be handled by a professional. This means somebody who has knowledge of bookkeeping, experience and is an expert in the bookkeeping. For a company to operate effectively there must be accurate and proper bookkeeping services. This will make the decision making process in the company easy because of the accuracy of the information or data.

Nowadays we have freelance bookkeepers and payroll service providers and therefore if your company is not able to hire permanent services you can look or outsource these services for a certain period of time. Outsourcing is cost saving and therefore start-up companies look for these services because they are not well established to employ bookkeepers on a permanent basis.  Starting a payroll or bookkeeping business is something easy provided you have the necessary training, skills and knowledge. There are some factors that companies usually look at when hiring or outsourcing payroll or bookkeeping services. They include:


Experience is very important when starting bookkeeping and payroll services because it enables you to deliver quality and professional work to your clients. Experience gives a company an assurance that the bookkeeping and payroll services will be done to perfection. Usually the owners of businesses are interested in seeing the real picture of their businesses reflected in the financial statements so that they can be able to make sound decisions and know the risky areas that need more attention. When the records of a business are not well prepared they may jeopardize the credit rating of a company.

Meeting of deadlines

A good payroll bookkeeping professional should be able to meet deadlines or should be deadline oriented as this will lead to the success of your business. Payroll processing should be processed earlier before end month and distributed before payday and this will assist in avoiding the wrath of the employees. The payroll should also be submitted on time to the state and the federal in order to avoid paying more interest and penalties. To get a good bookkeeper Melbourne ensure that you do enough research and even read more customer reviews so that you can get the best payroll bookkeeper.


If you want to be successful in your payroll bookkeeping services you should ensure that you market your services well both online and in newspapers so that clients can be able to know you. If you market yourself well then you can be able to retain most of your clients and if possible add more. What will make you successful is quality of services that you provide because most clients would want to get accurate records.


Your payroll bookkeeping business must have a good reputation with your clients because this will make your relationship with your clients stronger. Therefore ensure that you are competent in the payroll bookkeeping services that you are providing and maintain high standards of confidentiality.  For more information visit http://payrollserviceaustralia.com.au/