Fundraiser Accounting Software

Fundraiser Accounting

What is Fundraising Software for Nonprofits?

It obviously takes money to succeed at your mission. And you understand that you need to raise money from donors.

Technology can help you do this. Many vendors provide what is called fundraising software – or, more accurately, donor management software – to help you:

Find and nurture relationships with donors
Increase the number of ways to raise money
Reduce costs
Manage fundraising events to save time
Bring in more funds
Manage grants, gifts, and donations
Track and report on donation activities

As you can see, software this powerful can help you be more accountable, more productive, and more successful at raising the funding you need to compete against all the others clamoring for cash.

For years, all fundraisers had were spreadsheets or access to a computer database (ACT!, Microsoft Access, etc.) to track donors, donations, and activities. Many still depend on these methods because they think fundraising software is too expensive or hard to learn. The fact is that there are many affordable fundraiser solutions out there that are easy to use and will not only save you time but make you more efficient while you’re doing it.

Poke around at various vendor sites and look at the benefits of the features they offer. If possible, sign up for a free trial to use the software and see if it meets your needs.

Donor Management Software Features:

Keep donor records in a database – track their names, personal info, contributions amounts and history, along with notes on what they give, why they do it, and which events did they attend (or not attend) to allow you to maintain personal relationships, visit today!

Donor communications – many programs have word processors to create direct mail and email campaigns. They may have templates to create newsletters. You can usually use their communication tools to group donors by donation levels, geographic areas, previous attendance, or anything you need to create the best correspondence
Donation tracking – use it to track individual and group donations, track matching donations, assign donations to specific programs, and create funds for specific causes

Manage your events – set up budgets, track expenses, create volunteer lists, record earnings, create event task lists, and follow up on the event with your donors. You should be able to report on the success of each event

Fundraiser Accounting


Create valuable reports – your software should easily allow you to show accountability for your fundraising initiatives, report on giving trends, determine the best time to hold an event or request donations, and give you the results you need to raise the maximum amount of funds.see it here!

Check out your fundraising software options. Play with their trials. Talk to any references you might have on the donor management systems they are using. These programs can save you time and help you raise the most money so that you can meet your goals.